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Congratulations! Please take a look at our selection below! All online orders will be available for pickup on site the day of the graduation. To retrieve your order, please stop by our booth located conveniently at the entrance to the graduation before the ceremony begins.


Where can I pick up my products and when do I present them?

We will have a stand set up at the entrance to the ceremony where you can pick-up your order on the way in. You can't miss us. You will have an opportunity to present the gift yourself following the ceremony.

Can I purchase on site instead of online?

Yes. We will have all of the same products available for sale on site at the same prices. However, ordering ahead of time guarantees your selection of color/size.

How do I order? The site says that you do not accept orders from the general public at this time.

Please go to your school's commencement website, and click on the direct link to our site. You will be directed to the order page specific for your school.

Why can't I select what time I want to pick my products up at?

Our staff will be on site for the whole day when the ceremonies are taking place. At the beginning of the day they set aside all of the orders, and keep them aside until they are picked up.

How do I get my receipt?

It will be emailed to you shortly after your order is processed. Please print this receipt, and show it to our staff when picking up your order.

Can you mail us our order?

All orders are available for pick up exclusively on the day of the ceremony. There is no other option for delivery.